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Lost and Found Pets

Bentonville Animal Services is here to help animals get back to their home and the people who love them. We offer lost and found reporting as a courtesy and have had a very successful return-to-owner rate for pets that are microchipped and registered with the city.


Please visit the shelter frequently, along with our Facebook page, Bentonville Animal Services, while your animal is missing. All dogs and cats found in the city limits are posted on the Bentonville Animal Services Facebook page. We do our best to make matches by taking and providing reports/photos for reference, along with checking other social media sites for lost pets. Owners are encouraged to take an active role in recovering their lost pet.

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What Can I Do If I Have Lost My Pet?
Once you have reported your pet missing, consider the following criteria. There are several places where your pet may end up or be reported to. We encourage you to be an active participant in locating your sweet friend.

  1. If your pet is microchipped, call the company that the chip is registered with to ensure your contact information is up to date and to notify them that the animal is missing.

  2. Connect with neighbors on NextDoor or via the NextDoor app.

  3. Make a free lost pet search/notification with Petco Love Lost that uses facial recognition.

  4. Try online lost and found websites and search Facebook to include the following: Bentonville Animal ServicesLost and Found Pets, NWA Lost and Founds Pets, Lost Pets NWA, Benton County Arkansas lost or found pets, Lost and Found Pets of Northwest Arkansas; along with local municipalities and rescues.   

  5. Create a flyer at Helping Lost PetsPawBoost, or other similar websites for distribution or make your own "missing" flyer.

  6. Call surrounding area shelters to document the lost pet. Most emergency communications centers will keep a log of missing pets.

    • Note: We encourage all owners to microchip and register their pets in accordance with the Bentonville city ordinance. This helps tremendously with returning the lost pet to their owner. Additionally, a simple ID tag with the pet's name and phone number allows citizens who come into contact with the lost pet an opportunity to contact the owner. ​​

What Can I Do If I Have Found a Pet?

Once you have reported a found pet, consider the following:

  1.  Scan the animal for a microchip. We will happily provide the service, or you may visit your nearest veterinary clinic. There is no charge to have an animal scanned for a chip.

  2.  Connect with neighbors on NextDoor or via the NextDoor app.

  3.  Make a free found pet search/notification with Petco Love Lost that uses facial recognition.

  4.  Try online lost and found websites and search Facebook sites. Before you attempt to catch the lost pet and take it home, consider the owners could be attempting to locate it and unaware someone has it in their possession. Many pets can find their way home.

  5.  Make a simple flyer. You may ask anyone who comes forward to provide details about the pet, veterinary records, or other photos of the pet that most owners would have in their possession.

  6.  Call shelters in your surrounding areas to leave a found animal report.

  7.  Contact the respective city shelter with the jurisdiction where the pet was located (i.e.- if located in Bentonville do not attempt to take the pet to the Rogers Animal Shelter). 

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