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About Mandy Tedford

Mandy has been an Animal Services Officer for about 10 years, over five of those with Bentonville. She is a certified National Animal Control Officer Levels I, II, and III, as well as a certified Arkansas Animal Control Officer Levels I and II. 

Mandy is also a board member of the non-profit group, Northsong Wild Bird Rehabilitation. One of her favorite memories from her line of work is saving five newborn puppies and their mother from a hoarding situation, and getting to care for them. 

The quote that inspires Mandy every day is from Moliere: "We die only once and for such a long time."

Mandy and bird.jpg

About Abby Latham

Abby has been a Kennel Technician since 2020, but recently became an Animal Services Officer for Bentonville in October of 2022. She is currently working on her Associates Degree to be a licensed Veterinary Technician.

Abby's favorite things include, listening to old country music, riding horses, and spending time with her son and family. One of her favorite memories was when she was able to reunite a family with their dog that had been missing for two years. She says, "There were many happy tears, excited tail wags, and grateful hugs. No matter how bad the day is, I just think about how grateful that entire family was to be back together."

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About Tylor Shambles

Tylor has been an Animal Services Officer since 2023.  He is also a Volunteer Firefighter at a local fire department. 

Tylor has 4 kids, a wife, and 2 dogs "Hank" & "Dolly." He is very passionate about helping his community and soon hopes to be a Bentonville Police Officer. 

In his spare time, Tylor like to hangout with his family, play softball, fish, hunt and listen to country music. 

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