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Hi! I'm Berlioz! 

I'm a male black Shorthair cat.  I'm playful and curious with striking blue-green eyes.  I love interactive toys and receiving attention from anyone who will give it.  

ID # 23-211


Hi! I'm Romeo! will fall in love with this little guy.  Romeo is playful and his curious nature will keep you constantly entertained.

ID # 23-1158


Hi! I'm Annabelle!

Yes we love sweet Annabelle and you will too.  She enjoys exploring new environments and investigating anything that catches her eye! 

ID # - 23-192


Hi! I'm Peyton!

Too cute for words is all we have to say about this little one.  Peyton will make you smile all day long!

ID # - 23-171


These little kittens are available now for adoption!

We got 7 - 8 week old kittens and their wonderful mom here at the shelter.

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